Monday, August 13, 2012

101 Ways to Get Subluxated

#27 – Dropping 420 lbs on your head at the Olympics. Can you imagine gold medalist weight lifter Matthias Steiner's next Chiropractic visit… 'hey doc, my neck’s sore and I’ve been getting these bad headaches. Think it could be my pillow?” 
The father of Chiropractic, D.D. Palmer recognized 3 ‘T’s as being the major cause of nerve interference (aka Subluxation): Trauma, Toxins and Thoughts. The first 'T' is pretty obvious, but many patients overlook the last two. TOXINS come in the form of pesticides, artificial additives in our food, cigarette smoke and the most common of all, pharmaceuticals (yes, drugs are foreign to the body and put added stress on your nerve system). Constant THOUGHTS of fear, worry and depression can also weaken your sensitive nerve system and make it harder to heal.
Many patients believe it’s only physical things like car accidents, bad pillows and the occasional ‘400 lbs barbell on the head’ that can cause nerve interference, when in reality it’s the daily bombardment of hidden food toxins and stressful thoughts that commonly do the most damage.


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  4. I agree with the second “T”. Sometimes, keeping track of what we eat can be tedious, so we often just eat without knowing that it can greatly affect our body. And in the end, we can get subluxated with all of the toxins we get from the food. Chiropractic treatment is certainly one of the best ways to heal the dislocation cause by toxins.

    @Gwen Knight